What does it cost me to use Sell Ur Device.

The great thing about Sell Ur Device is there is no cost. We ship out prepaid postage, cover all postage cost and provide the packaging. Sell Ur Device is 100% risk and hassle free.

What Items Can I Sell To Sell Ur Device?

You can sell cell new, used, and even broken cell phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone) and tablets to Sell Ur Device.

What Happens To My Device Once It Is Received By Sell Ur Device.

Sell Ur Device will give your device a new life. New, Used or broken there is some use for it. The rare occasion a device does not have a use, it will be recycled to avoid any type of landfill use.

How Long Do I Have To Send My Device To Sell Ur Device.

Sell Ur Device has a 30 day price gurantee. So 30 days from your order date that price is guranteed to you. If it is after 30 days you will be requoted to the new standard for that device, and it is up to accept it or receive your device back. This keeps it stress and hassle free.

What If I Forget To Wipe My Device, Will My Information Get Out?

If you forget to wipe your device, Sell Ur Device makes sure to wipe every device of any information. This protects your information and ensures that you are kept safe.